Raise3d printer

Raise3D is recognized in 3D printing technology. With an extensive range of cutting-edge 3D printers, Raise3D is dedicated to providing high-precision printers that meet the demands of both production and rapid prototyping. Dual Extruder 3D printers, such as the Pro2 series and the latest Pro3 series, are known for their robust performance, high precision and around-the-clock reliability.

Raise3D Pro2 Series

The Raise3D Pro2 series is known for its reliability and quality in professional 3D printing applications. This series includes the Pro2 and Pro2 Plus, both with dual extruders that can print with different materials and colors within a single print job. They feature a metal build plate for uniform heat distribution and a full metal frame for smooth movement and precise positioning. These printers have a high-resolution 7-inch screen for effective monitoring of the 3D printing process and a HEPA air filter.

Raise3D Pro3 Series

The Raise3D Pro3 series is an improvement of the Pro2 series and is designed to meet the needs of both production and prototyping. The Pro3 series includes the Pro3 and Pro3 Plus, both with upgraded print platform features such as autobed ​​leveling, flexible build plate and increased Z-axis stability. This series also has an EVE smart assistant system that is built in to guide users to find and solve common printing problems.

Raise3D E2 series

Raise3D E2 is a robust 3D printer, equipped with a dual extruder and an encapsulated printing environment that includes a HEPA filter to ensure safe and efficient 3D printing. Despite its considerable size and weight, the E2 is known for its operational reliability and precision. Its unique user interface and the use of the powerful software, ideaMaker, ensure a hassle-free user experience. Good for special filaments that may require a slightly higher print temperature.

Raise3D E2 CF series

The Raise3D E2 CF series is a series of 3D printers designed for professional use. With a range of features such as dual extruder and a closed print environment with HEPA filter, the E2 CF series is ideal for both education and small businesses. The series uses ideaMaker, which makes the user experience intuitive and efficient. Note, however, that the E2 CF series can be large and heavy, and requires careful handling of the print platform. Despite these challenges, the Raise3D E2 CF series is known for its reliability and precision. Good for special filaments that may require a slightly higher print temperature.

What is the difference between the Raise3D Pro2 and Pro3 series?

The Pro3 series has a larger build volume than the Pro2, and it also includes more features, such as a 7-inch touchscreen and a flexible, heated build plate.

What is the difference between Raise3D E2 and E2 CF series?

The E2 CF series is designed to work with composite materials, such ase.g Carbon Fibre. In addition, the E2 CF series has a hot end capable of higher temperatures, allowing greater versatility in the choice of filaments.

Are the Raise3D E2 and E2 CF series suitable for educational purposes?

Yes, both the E2 and E2 CF series are designed for educational purposes. They have a closed printing environment with HEPA filter, making them safe to use in classrooms.

What kind of materials can Raise3D printers work with?

Raise3D printers can work with a variety of materials including PLA, ABS, HIPS, PC, TPU, TPE, NYLON, PETG, ASA, PP, PVA, Glass Fiber Reinforced, Carbon Fiber Reinforced, Metal Fill, Wood Fill and more.

What is the IDEX system mentioned in connection with Raise3D E2?

IDEX stands for "Independent Dual Extruder", which means that the Raise3D E2 has two independent extruders that can work together or separately. This increases production speed if you have multiple prints of the same model.

What does it mean that the Raise3D E2 CF series has a "high temperature hotend"?

A high temperature hotend means that the extruder can be heated to higher temperatures, which is necessary to be able to print with certain types of filament, such as the composite materials used in the E2 CF series.