EinScan 3D Scanners

EinScan is a recognized brand within 3D scanning technology that offers a wide range of ground-breaking products. Their range includes both desktop and handheld 3D scanners as well as a number of software and bundle solutions. EinScan's 3D scanners are versatile and high-performance, suitable for a wide range of tasks, including virtual exhibition, research and education, art and heritage, reverse engineering and manufacturing, design and healthcare.

At 3D Eksperten, we use a combination of Einscan Einstar for small, fast 3d scans of e.g.e.g. Faces or small subjects that do not require great precision or setup - we use an Einscan Pro HD with industrial pack (turntable) for subjects up to approx. 30x30x30 cm.

Finally we have our Einscan HX R.ED - we use this for more advanced scanning where precision and freedom to be able to do handheld scans is a necessity.


EinScan-Pro+ is a professional, high-performance, handheld 3D scanner that offers a new innovation in handheld HD scanning. It has four versatile scanning modes and is capable of capturing up to 550.000 points per second. It is compact and portable, and comes with easy-to-use software compatible with popular CAD software and 3D printing.

EinScan-SE V2

EinScan-SE is a user-friendly 3D scanner, ideal for both beginners and experienced users. It offers two scanning modes: automatic, which uses a rotating platform for full 360° scanning, and free scanning for larger objects. The scanner includes an automatic calibration function for easy setup. It allows the user to generate and export 3D models in several formats such as obj, stl, ply, and asc. This makes it possible to process the 3D models further for 3D printing. Despite a slightly complex software, EinScan-SE stands as a commendable scanner for its quality and ease of use.

We recommend Einscan SE to small companies or to people who scan items that can be on a platform where the sizes of the item are not terribly large - we have good experience in scanning up to 20x20x20cm. In practice, you can easily scan - turn and rotate the subject - and scan again and again and thereby let Einscan Software put together the many scans you prepare of your subject.

Einscan Einstar

Einscan Einstar is the newest - compact - handheld 3d scanner. It is really easy to use in practice - you can scan your subject in a very short time, export it in a known format of your choice and, for example,e.g. 3d print a copy or work further with his file in his CAD program - this can be SolidWorks or Inventor (or many others).

Einscan is affordable and clearly the best in tests of 3d scanners for the price.

Einscan 3d scan and use of scan spray

When you work with a 3D Scanner, you often work with items that either have a transparent or reflective coating (clear varnish or similar) that makes the item unscannable. In these cases, we recommend using a professional 3d scan spray.

Aesub makes a variety of types which are either permanent (washes off), some which self-dissolve after time; short term, medium term or long term. These are perfect as they do not require cleaning after the scan.

3D Scan as a service

At CoolHubs (part of 3D Eksperten) you can rent an Einscan HX if you are dealing with the project that needs to be 3d scanned for a shorter period. Contact us for more information.

We scan to order

Do you have a subject that needs to be digitized and that may need to be copied in 3D scan or other technology and you don't own a high-quality 3D scanner yourself? Then we have a service where we scan for you and send the file digitally back to you. A typical scenario could be that you send us an item, eg a coffee cup. The coffee cup is scanned in digitally (an item such as a cup will typically cost around 1000 ex VAT) and returned in a digital file in OBJ and STL format.

The item is safely returned after the scan is complete.

In connection with 3D scanning, we also offer post-processing, reengineering of items, scan to CAD, copies in 3D print and much more.